Ashley Truitt’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Durango

Charming Durango, CO neighborhood with vibrant houses and stunning mountain backdrop.

When selling a home in Durango, the process is made a lot easier because of the beautiful location. The area is full of history, which can be seen and experienced in the local museums, such as the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train & Museum. The city also has outdoor activities that will keep residents busy year-round. It is considered one of the best places to live in Colorado, making homes more marketable just by being within the city limits. Ashley Truitt has designed this guide to help sellers through the process of selling their homes in Durango, providing them with insights into what they need to do for each step.

Hire an excellent real estate agent

The first thing sellers need to do when listing homes for sale in Durango, CO, is hiring a seasoned real estate agent that knows the market well. They cannot just pick the first agent that comes along. They will need to research and find the one with an excellent track record of selling homes in the Durango community. Communication is also vital, so their real estate agent must be someone who will keep them up to speed with everything occurring.

Some owners may want to save money by not hiring an agent; however, many benefits come with their services. They can provide maximum exposure for the home, getting more interested buyers than the seller would have on their own. Additionally, real estate agents provide essential advice, help prep the house for sale, review offers, and help with closing details. The entire process can be pretty overwhelming and nearly impossible without a strong agent by the seller’s side.

Get an inspection to evaluate potential concerns

A home inspection can be beneficial as it will reveal any underlying problems before the seller lists the property for sale. Often, these issues will need to be corrected before a buyer agrees to make an offer, giving the seller an upper hand in identifying them early. They will then have the opportunity to have them corrected before the first showing, ensuring they get the most valuable offers for their home.

Do not spend a lot of money on upgrades

While certain repairs are necessary, sellers should not go all in on upgrading every inch of their homes. While some enhancements will boost the property value, they will not get a total return on investment, potentially causing them to lose money in the sale of the home. A well-established real estate agent will know exactly what to upgrade to get the most out of the investment.

Price the home according to the market

The seller and their real estate agent will need to work together to decide on the ideal price for the home. It should align with similarly valued homes in the market and not be excessively higher so that buyer traffic is successfully driven to it. Pricing it too high could result in buyers getting turned off from the property and refusing to view it, even if the price is lowered later. The real estate agent will have all the necessary information on successful sales within the market to compare prices and home values to help the seller establish a reasonable price relevant to the home’s value.

Have professional photos taken

Before the home is listed, it is crucial to ensure that the photos taken are professional. They should not be snapped with a cell phone camera. All the home’s best assets should be showcased to draw interested buyers in for a viewing. If the real estate agent does not personally take care of this, they will have recommendations on someone who offers the best services.

List the home for sale

The seller will need to ensure that the home has an excellent online presence. An expert real estate agent with the necessary experience will handle this, as the first time a home is shown is when the potential buyer views its online listing.

Staging the home is also a great idea. It will give the best presentation of the home, allowing homebuyers to see all its assets without the seller’s belongings cluttering it. At the same time, it must be kept clean the entire time it is listed as available.

Receiving and reviewing offers

After the home has been listed and open houses are held, offers will start coming in for the seller to review. At this stage, the seller will need to rely on their real estate agent to know when they are getting a solid offer or when they need to counteroffer. Getting multiple offers can be a bit daunting, and their agent will help them work through all the offers to find the best one to accept or negotiate with the buyer.

Anticipate a final walkthrough

Once the seller accepts an offer and the process moves toward closing, they will begin moving out of the home. It is expected that the home will be kept clean and maintained during this period as it was when it was listed. The buyer and their agent will generally do a walkthrough right before the closing to ensure everything is as it should be, with no additional damage and missing fixtures. The seller must do their part to ensure the house is clean, as it is essential for the closing process to go smoothly.

Pay closing costs

At the time of closing, both parties will have closing costs. Sellers typically are responsible for the real estate agent’s commission, government transfer tax, attorney fees, and any outstanding liens. The buyer may have negotiated credits or repairs that must be paid for during the closing. Once everything is settled, and all the paperwork is signed, the seller will turn the keys over to the buyer.

Partner with an expert real estate agent

When you’re ready to start the selling process on your Durango, CO, luxury real estate, reach out to a real estate agent like Ashley Truitt. She has the experience you need for a successful sale and will help you get top dollar.

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