Why a White-Glove Service is a Must for Durango Real Estate Agents

Durango, CO real estate agent guiding clients through the home buying process.

For an excellent real estate experience, it’s essential to partner with an agent who will go the extra mile. Whether you are buying or selling homes in Durango, Colorado, there are several reasons why working with an agent who provides a personalized white-glove service is the best way to ensure a smooth and rewarding real estate journey. But what exactly does white-glove service mean? Keep reading for an overview of how working with a real estate agent with white-glove service can make all the difference.

Durango real estate 

Before reaching out to an agent for assistance, it’s good to know where the market is at. Durango luxury real estate saw an increase in inventory throughout 2022, which was positive news for buyers who couldn’t compete in the rapid markets of 2020 and 2021. Sellers also had a good year and saw steady growth in home equity. For 2023, mortgage rates will hopefully stabilize, and home prices will do the same. Having this background knowledge can be useful when getting ready to list your home, although your real estate agent will be able to expand and provide a more detailed analysis specific to the area, home type, and time of year.

What is white-glove service?

Luxury real estate requires a level of service that matches its value. White-glove agents like Ashley Truitt aim to provide buyers and sellers with an experience that surpasses that of typical realtors. The goal is to help clients feel confident and assured throughout the journey. For sellers, it can look like managing parts of the process like home staging, photography, and contracts. For buyers, it might include running title checks and home valuations.

Services for sellers

White-glove service can take a simple home sale and turn it into a satisfying experience. In order to add value to the selling experience, a real estate agent must attend to every detail. From a seller’s overall goal and timeline to everything that goes into the final contracts, white-glove service provides ample attention and care while still making sure the seller receives top-dollar for their property.

Home valuation

A big part of white-glove service is providing sellers with an accurate home valuation. By completing a comparative market analysis, white-glove agents look at recently sold properties with similar square footage and features to the home their client is selling. After noting what similar homes sold for and analyzing any differences that may drive their client’s property to a higher or lower value, white-glove agents can use this knowledge to determine a fair and realistic price. This can also provide value for clients considering renovations before selling their home, as white-glove agents will be able to determine if it’s worth it or not given the current market and potential return on investment.

Preparing the property

One of the most important aspects of selling a home is making sure it is appealing to buyers. Real estate agents with white-glove services will guide their clients in making sure their property is ready for viewing and listing. This can include guidance pertaining to landscaping and maintenance, completing home repairs, making renovations that can increase property value, or opting for home staging services. Regardless, white-glove agents like Ashley present their clients with all the possible options and recommendations.

Listing well

Once a home is properly staged and prepared for photography and media, a white-glove agent will ensure that the listing pages contain all the necessary information to entice buyers. When a buyer clicks on a listing page, they need to see what the house is like, read a description highlighting its features, and have an easy way to get in touch with their real estate agent. The goal is to create a listing that makes buyers feel like they can see themselves living in the home, which will make them more interested in coming for a physical viewing of the property.

Another important aspect of listing a property is to be strategic about timing. Advertising a home when demand is at its lowest or inventory is at its highest could result in a homeowner waiting weeks to receive an offer. Durango, CO, real estate agents like Ashley Truitt know how to prepare a stunning listing page and time the listing to appeal to the highest number of buyers. This way, your listing doesn’t sit for too long on the market, which might make buyers question if there are bigger reasons that it has yet to sell.

Services for buyers

Buyers have a separate set of steps to follow when searching for homes for sale in Durango, CO. White-glove agents are a buyer’s go-to for everything related to market questions, listing availability, and how to submit an offer. Ashley is exceptionally equipped at guiding you through and keeping your best interests in mind when searching for potential properties. She’s aware that it’s not only a place to call home that you might be seeking but a positive investment as well.

Market insight

Market insight is invaluable to any buyer as it helps them determine when and how to make a buying decision. It gives a frame of reference before making decisions. For example, a determined buyer ready to invest may not be deterred by a seller’s market with higher competition. A more reserved buyer may prefer to wait until inventory rises and there is less competition among other buyers. White-glove service gives buyers the information they need to make informed decisions on their investment. Since 2023 might present a potentially cooling market for Durango, white-glove agents will use that information to help clients find the best investment to match their needs.

Inventory updates

Real estate agents providing white-glove service can also share regular inventory updates with their clients. Known for having stellar and constant communication, they’re always on the lookout for new properties that hit the market and might be of interest to their clients. In a market like Durango’s, which is currently experiencing an increase in inventory, it’s invaluable to have an agent on your side who is keeping an eye out for new properties and can share them with you as soon as they’re listed.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent who can provide white-glove service, consider working with Ashley Truitt. With years of experience in the luxury market, Ashley has been ranked in the top 7% of Coldwell Banker Agents worldwide. Her passion for people and dedication to providing clients with superb service set Ashley apart and make her a powerhouse in the competitive Durango market. When you’re ready to work with an agent who can provide the care and attention you deserve, reach out to Ashley to get started.

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